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My name is Jackie. I love people and I love stories, but most of all, I love people’s stories.

Amongst many other things, I am an Afrikaans lecturer and tutor. I have my own Afrikaans tutoring company in Stellenbosch, Cape Town called Africhance Tutors (www.africhancetutors.co.za) and there I meet people from all over the world. Through their stories and experiences I see the world, but I also get the rare opportunity to reflect on my own culture and country – perhaps the most interesting journey of all.

At Africhance Tutors we have had clients from more than 15 countries worldwide and I have made great friends, met some very interesting people and discovered a lot about my own language so far. Before I tell you more about Africhance, I would like to tell you what my blog is all about.

For the past two years the recurrent theme of the first meetings I had with new clients, was that they really struggled to learn Afrikaans on their own. This is not because they find the language difficult, but rather that they find the resources disappointing. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore and I started doing research. I wanted to find out for myself what they meant. I had basic knowledge of the resources out there and even used some of them when developing lesson material, but this time around I looked at all the websites, blogs, YouTube clips, free online software, CD’s and books I could possibly find and let me tell you this: I. was. shocked. I couldn’t believe that nobody has tried to do something else. Something different. Something relevant for goodness sake!

So I decided to do it. I am going to write a book accompanied by videos that will bring something different to the market. Somewhere where you can listen to podcasts, actual Afrikaans conversations at normal speed and gain knowledge about the exceptions to the rules. You know, all the stuff you are struggling to find at the moment. Through this blog, I am inviting you to be my travel buddy. I want to give you the chance to help me out by asking for different activities / material that you need / needed on your own journey of learning Afrikaans and that you would like to see incorporated in the product I am developing. It doesn’t matter if you are in Swellendam or Sweden, I want to hear from you.

At this stage I would just like to mention that I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here. I simply think that the existing material out there is lacking a lot of the information that my clients typically ask for. In my opinion the existing material is only a start. I would like to build on them using my own experience. My main goal is to help people to learn Afrikaans. It doesn’t matter what your reason or motivation is, it’s absolutely great that you are doing so. I think I can help and make a valuable contribution.

I have planned this project for about 6 months now and I am excited to get started. Please share this blog with anyone you think might find it useful. It is as much a new journey for me as it was for you to learn a new language. My head is bursting with what I think are great, creative ideas. If and how they will be implemented, remains to be seen.

If there is a market out there for what I want to do, please confirm it by letting me know you indeed exist. You have no idea how motivating that is for me.

So this is my story, I sincerely hope you love it.

7 thoughts on ““The Blog”

  1. Ek is Brit in Londen wat homself Afrikaans leer. Ek geniet om jou blog te lees. Ek het nou ‘n groot versameling boeke vir die aanleer van Afrikaans en ek kry elke af en toe iets nuuts. Dis goed om te sien dat daar nou soveel mense is wat die taal wil leer. Toe ek begin het was daar baie min boeke of goeie webblaie, maar nou is soveel meer beskikbaar.

    • Hallo Alexander

      Dit is wonderlik dat jy Afrikaans leer! Mag ek asseblief vra dat jy vir my ‘n lys stuur van die boeke wat jy gebruik het om jouself te leer? Jy kan dit as ‘n kommentaar stuur op my ‘blog’ of vir my e-pos by info@africhancetutors.co.za. Ek sal dit baie waardeer!

      Ek hoop jy leer iets nuuts op my YouTube kanaal ook. Stuur gerus vir my voorstelle van wat jy wil sien!

      (Please ask if you don’t understand any of the above).


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