“A Girl Called Jane”

ImageOne of the stories behind this story.

I recently discovered an extremely inspiring blog about a lovely young lady who set herself a challenge. She is learning Afrikaans and wants to speak it fluently in one year’s time – when she will be travelling to and visiting South Africa on her own. Having been dumped by her boyfriend recently and in the mood for a new challenge and adventure, she started her own blog and started planning her trip – without any money to speak of. As I read her story and became mesmerised with her mission, I realised that it is because of people like her that I do what I do.

I was so inspired by her, that I started this blog. Although I have a different focus, it is essentially because of her that all of this was born. I have had many ideas, written many little things down and have taken lots of interesting pictures, but in this blog, it will have a structured purpose. I just needed the last piece of the puzzle and a reason to write and to me, this was Jane.

So thank you Jane. Thank you for learning an awesome language, taking the time to tell us about it and for taking the time to write that post on justlanded.com. Calling you an inspiration is one way of saying it, but I want to pay you a much higher compliment. You are a spark.

Start your own fire by visiting theafrikaanschallenge.wordpress.com.



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