“The Afrikaans Tutor” is a blog where I share my experiences as an Afrikaans lecturer, owner of an Afrikaans tutoring company and Afrikaans speaker. The main focus of the blog is to gain insight into the world of the Afrikaans language learner – the reason being that I just launched a new project where I will develop Afrikaans language learning material and resources, based on the gap I identified in the market. Whoever you are, whatever you feel you can add, I invite you to be part of the process. In order to be accountable for what I set out to do, I gave myself exactly a year to finish the project, have my book ready and to start the publishing process. I have no idea how long it will actually take or how exactly it will happen, so the plan is to take it as it comes and one step at a time. The best way to do anything really!

For more information on my language school, visit http://www.africhancetutors.co.za or contact me on info@africhancetutors.co.za (we also offer Afrikaans lessons via Skype).

For more information on this project, follow “The Afrikaans Tutor” and possibly become a character in my life story.


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