Praat Saam

Is it not true that each person is a world? Today I had the opportunity to speak on Praat Saam on RSG (Radio Sonder Grense) about the role I think language plays when we want to embrace and celebrate diversity. As I am doing research for my project and recording episodes for my Afrikaans YouTube […]

Episode 1 now live!

I have decided to start off with a ‘bang’ and dedicated Season One of The Afrikaans Tutor to the kind of things you will find in the product that I am creating – so get excited! In the first episode I look at the word “lekker” and two uses you might not know of. This […]

“A Girl Called Jane”

One of the stories behind this story. I recently discovered an extremely inspiring blog about a lovely young lady who set herself a challenge. She is learning Afrikaans and wants to speak it fluently in one year’s time – when she will be travelling to and visiting South Africa on her own. Having been dumped […]

“The Blog”

My name is Jackie. I love people and I love stories, but most of all, I love people’s stories. Amongst many other things, I am an Afrikaans lecturer and tutor. I have my own Afrikaans tutoring company in Stellenbosch, Cape Town called Africhance Tutors ( and there I meet people from all over the world. […]